As tourists enjoy their luxury holiday, a serial killer working in the

shadows is killing anyone who captures his image on film, believing

their filming is taking away a part of his soul.


Over 48 hours on a busy, all-inclusive holiday resort a series of

brutal murders are committed. With no CCTV available, police seize

all available recording devices from hotel residents.

Six of the cameras reveal important evidence.

One of the cameras – CAMERA 6 – is the killer’s camera.

The killer CAMERA 6 is a terrifying horror with a difference – six

pieces of footage filmed by six different people, using split-screen,

nerve-shredding editing and multiple angles, intertwining and

connecting to form an ingenious, electrifying web of suspense,

leading to the one question everyone will be asking:


CAMERA 6 will be released for PCs and iOS as a groundbreaking

interactive digital experience simultaneously. The experience will put

viewers in the mind of the killer as they try to work out his terrifying

MO. Every day our images are captured on other people’s cameras

whether we know it or not – the theme of ‘Camera 6’ is… be careful

who you film.

INTERACTIVE: viewers will be able to become part of the

investigation to track down the killer, experience the footage nonlinearly

and interactively, moving through chapters, pausing and

zooming in on clips, discovering new footage as the investigation

progresses and discover the true motive behind the killer’s actions.

There has never been a game like this before.